Racetech Temperature Indicating Strips


These Racetech Temperature Indicators have a wide range of uses; brake calipers, radiators, boost pipework, engine blocks, sumps, basically anywhere heat is generated within the listed temperature ranges!

- Wide Range Of Uses  
- Self Adhesive  
- Available In A Selection Of Temperature Ranges  

Available in the following kits:
Kit A 37-65°C
Kit B 71-110°C
Kit C 116-154°C
Kit D 160-199°C
Kit E 201-260°C
Kit F 149-260°C
Kit G 121-280°C

Kits E, F & G are ideal for brake calipers to see if you are reaching the limits of your brake fluid.

Each kit contains 10 self adhesive strips.

Price includes GB VAT at 20%
Shipping is free to UK Mainland but please email [email protected] for quotes to other locations.

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