Motorsport S9 Driveshafts Focus ST225


Following an extensive development programme working in conjunction with CPS Drivelink, TFD is proud to offer the latest and greatest driveshafts for the Ford Focus ST225. They have been tested at some of the toughest race circuits in the UK as well as the Nürburgring Nordschleife in Germany. New for 2019, we have the "Series 9"or "S9" which have proven to be reliable in all road and track tests. They are designed to have superior strength, tolerance, and reliability over the Ford OE shafts and are suited for high power conversions, fast road conditions, trackday/race use and even standard cars.

- Heavy-duty outboard cv joint with thermoplastic boot
- Heavy-duty inboard joints, with stronger tripod
- Solid high-strength intermediate shaft (RH) with OE Ford bearing
- Ultra-high-strength barshafts in Motorsport grade steel
- Motorsport grease with wide operating temp range
- Lighter in weight for smoothness and refinement, and free from vibration.
- Sealed boots to prevent grease leakage at high speeds and elevated temps
- Vented outer CV boots to help prolong boot life when exposed to high temps
- All spares are available to purchase
- Shafts can be either be factory refurbished or you can rebuild yourself
-  Available in standard length for standard ride height or +5mm for lowered cars (please choose S9 or S9+5mm carefully)
- Individual driveshafts are available on request.

Actual product may differ slightly from illustration.

The advertised price is for a pair of driveshafts (1x short (LH) & 1x long (RH)). Contact us for single units and spares.

Shipping is free to UK Mainland and see options for shipping to other locations worldwide. Prices shown include shipping costs.
Please email [email protected] with questions.

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