Gripper Plate Limited Slip Diff Megane 225/250


Plate type limited slip differential that replaces the standard unit in the Megane RenaultSport 225/R26/R26.R speed manual gearbox. This diff can be supplied in various configurations depending on use and driver preferences. It will maintain drive even if one driven wheel is not in contact with the ground, unlike the Quaife type ATB diff which loses drive in this scenario.

Limited slip diffs allow more torque to be transferred to the non-slipping or spinning wheel and thus increasing overall traction and upping corner exiting speeds.
• Designed and made to be more progressive in action situations than other plate differentials
• Well-built high performance unit but no torque steer
• Designed to work with standard driveshaft splines
• Uses up to 12 moving plates (8 in this case)
• Contains "quiet plates" which are spiral grooved for improved lubrication, durability and low noise
• Fully adjustable with the substitution of certain parts and can be rebuilt from parts available

Their performance and durability has been proven both by extensive testing and by successful usage on on both circuit racing and stage rallying. In rallying they offer the additional advantage that in the event of failure of other transmission elements, e.g. a broken drive shaft (even at low levels of preload) they may still provide sufficient traction to drive out of a stage.

An Automatic Torque Biasing (ATB) Quaife type (or 1-way) will only apply its limiting action in 1 direction. When torque is applied in the opposite direction it behaves like a standard open diff. A Gripper diff is 1.5-way meaning it applies different preloads under acceleration and deceleration. A strong limiting torque aids the car's stability under engine braking. The ramp angles define the aggressiveness of limiting in both directions. In the case of 30/65, the 30 is more aggressive when the engine is applying torque under acceleration and the 65 is less so when decelerating. Pre-load is the amount of limiting the diff has when no torque is applied. In testing we have used 30/65 successfully but prefer a higher pre-load setting of 80 lb-ft.

Current ramp angles available are 30/65, 40/65, 45/45. Preload is variable. Custom ramp angles on request. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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