Ford Focus Mk2 RS MP350/RS500 - Level 3,3HT upgrade


Ford Focus Mk2 RS plug and Play software tuning upgrade by Collins Performance.
This package can be used to upgrade the Ford Focus Mk2 RS500 or cars with the Mountune Performance MP350 upgrade. These cars already have uprated items over the standard car such as fuel pump, induction, exhaust components and intercooler, so the jump to level 3 is easy. The Collins Performance level 3 tune can take these cars up to 420 BHP - note that Collins Performance Siemens 550cc injectors are also required and are also available for purchase in our shop.

This package includes the level 3 & 3HT tuning files and now includes VALET-MODE!

Level 3 will take a fully modified car to 420 BHP (with uprated fuel pump, Collins Performance Siemens 550cc fuel injectors, uprated intercooler, induction and exhaust - not included).
Level 3 HT (High Torque) power as Level 3 but with higher torque.

In order to match the kit to your specific vehicle, please enter your chassis VIN number in the "message to seller" field when paying. Or email it to [email protected] If you don't do this, then the tuning files can still be emailed to you after you have received the CP I FLASH kit. The VIN number can be found at the bottom of your windscreen and is in the format WF0XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Visit our CP I FLASH page for further info

Price includes GB VAT at 20%

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