Ideal for windows & engine bays. Red/silver, 28cm long, 2 decals included.
TFD website decals pair 28cm long
Uses standard or modified pipe work, 95mm core will easily cope with 250bhp - 400+bhp & the only 225/R26 intercooler upgrade with the essential Air-ram scoop, forces air directly into the intercooler core
Megane 2 225 & R26 95mm core Intercooler upgrade with Air-Ram scoop
Great addition to any re-mapped 250 or 265
Megane 3 RS 250 and 265 60mm core Intercooler upgrade with Air-Ram scoop
This bush is a wear item within the Renault Megane steering rack. It is the cause for many steering rack replacements but now Track Focus Direct is offering a low cost solution to restore your rack to its former self. You may have replaced tie rod ends and tie rods with inner axial joints but still feeling a knocking or play in the steering, well this is likely the answer! The nearside tie rod must be removed to access this bush. The old one is simply pulled and replaced with the TFD bush.  Also fits Clio 3, Scenic 2 and Kangoo models and other some other Renaults that share the same steering rack. In addition, this also fits the Nissan Micra K12, the Ford Fiesta MK 6 and Mazda 2.
Megane 2 polyamide plastic steering rack bush, also fits Clio 3, Scenic 2, Kangoo, Micra K12, Fiesta Mk6, Mazda 2
BC Racing BR-Series Coilovers for the Renault Megane RS 225  - for Street and Circuit Use
BC Racing BR Series Coilover : Type RA
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