Following an extensive development programme working in conjunction with CPS Drivelink, TFD is proud to offer the latest and greatest driveshafts for the Ford Focus ST225. They have been tested at some of the toughest race circuits in the UK as well as the Nürburgring Nordschleife in Germany. New for Summer 2021, we have the "Series 10"or "S10" which have proven to be reliable in all road and track tests. They are designed to have superior strength, tolerance, and reliability over the Ford OE shafts and the previous S9 version and are suited for high power conversions, fast road conditions, trackday/race use and standard cars.
Motorsport S10 Driveshafts Focus ST225
We can now offer you the new Quick Shift kit made in house at Collins Performance Engineering with their own CNC facility.
CP Quick Shift Kit for Ford Focus MK2 ST225/RS
Ford Focus Mk2 ST 225 plug and Play software tuning upgrade by Collins Performance.
Ford Focus Mk2 ST225 - Level 1,2,3 upgrades
Plate type limited slip differential that replaces the standard unit in the Focus ST/Volvo M66 6 speed manual gearbox. This diff can be supplied in various configurations depending on use and driver preferences. It will maintain drive even if one driven wheel is not in contact with the ground, unlike the Quaife type ATB diff which loses drive in this scenario.
Gripper Plate Limited Slip Diff Focus ST225
Wavetrac Differential - Focus ST225/Volvo M66
Wavetrac Limited Slip Diff Focus ST225
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