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- OBD2 – ‘I Flash' USB interface lead connects your vehicle ECU direct to your laptop.

- Unique ‘I Flash’ USB Key contains installation software and pre-installed tunes  and copy of latest OE calibration.

- Easy to follow installation instructions – removal or opening of ECU not required.

- Upgrade files install in under 17 seconds.

- Future Updates and additional features available by email.


Features include:

- Diagnostics - Reads and clears DTC fault codes

- ECU Recovery Mode

- Vehicle options – i.e. Auto locking*, valet mode


What you get:

- CP i-FLASH cable

- CP i-FLASH USB key

- Tuning software

- Tuning files

- Valet mode

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Cars currently supported

Focus Mk2 ST225

Focus Mk2 RS

Focus Mk3 ST250

Focus Mk3 RS

Fiesta Mk7 1.0 Ecoboost

Fiesta Mk7 ST180


Powerchips Cable Kit (Custom) CP I FLASH LAPTOP (Custom) twp (c) tfd

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